20 reasons to visit Bruges - 5° The Beguinage

20 reasons to visit Bruges - 5° the Beguinage

The Beguinage, with its whitewashed housefronts, tranquil convent garden and small museum, was founded in 1245.  It was here that during the last seven centuries lived the beguines of Bruges. 
In 1937 the beguinage became a monastery for Benedictine nuns who still live her now.  The public can peek inside but silence is required at all times in the large grounds, which are planted with trees, lined with manicured garden beds and accessed by a bridge over the canals. 

Be sure to exit by 6.30pm, when the entrance gates are locked to the public.
In spring time blooming daffodils grant the beguinage refined colour. (more)

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